Private Water Supplies

Reliance Laboratories routinely analyzes samples taken from private water supplies, such as private wells. The following table provides a description of the most commonly requested analysis pertaining to private water supplies.

Additionally, the links below provide basic information to consider both before and after conducting laboratory analysis. Within this literature you will find answers to many common questions related to the establishment and maintenance of a private water well; as well as other basic information relating to Private Water Supplies, as provided by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (WVDHHR) and/or the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA).

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Common Analytical Packages for Private Water Supplies*

Analytical Package Included Analysis Description
Microbiological Analysis Total Coliform, E. Coli (Presence/Absence) Often required for Public Water Supplies, Home Loans, Daycare Centers, etc. Drinking Water should be Absent/Absent to meet SDWA requirements;
Water Quality Analysis Iron, Manganese, Aluminum, Sodium, Alkalinity, pH, Dissolved Solids, Conductivity, Turbidity, Chloride, Sulfate, Hardness Typically requested for a private water well analysis. Provides an indication of general water quality of a potable water source.
Pre-Drill Potable Water Analysis T. Coliform, E. Coli, pH, Alkalinity, Turbidity, TOC, Surfactants (detergents), Dissolved Solids, Chloride, Iron, Manganese, Aluminum, Barium Oil and Gas Pre-Drill baseline analysis often requested as part of pre-drilling surveys on potable water. Provides indicators of contamination resulting from oil/gas drilling activities. Additional analysis may be requested.
Regulatory Analysis Most commonly requested analysis: Lead, Copper, Nitrate, Nitrite US EPA regulated parameters.
For a full list see the EPA website:

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The above analysis includes only a small selection of our analytical capabilities.

Reliance will gladly work with you to customize an analytical package to meet your specific needs.

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